Busje Komt Zo

    TLDR: The new speedy app to quickly check real-time arrivals for De Lijn: App Store.

Taking the bus can sometimes be cumbersome. Accurate real time information can help put your mind at ease. That information should appear on your phone as fast as possible.

When I take the bus in the morning for my own commute, I want to see if there is a delay on my regular route. I don't want to have to search for my regular stop and I don't want to have to tap alot or manually reload. Therefore, I created Busje Komt Zo, an app that only does one thing, but does it really well.

The app is meant for people that commute a lot, and often take the same routes. You get an overview of the first ten De Lijn stops in the neighbourhood and their arrivals. The app opens blazingly fast and automatically refreshes when necessary so you always get an up-to-date view.

You can bookmark stops as well. Those will always appear at the top if they are within a 2,5 km radius.

The app is also completely optimized for the visually impaired.

Download on the App Store

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