I create clean, maintainable and user-friendly software, using agile software development methodologies, a no-nonsense attitude, an optimistic spirit, and only the right tools for the job, without any bias.

Below are some highlights and personal recommendations I have received. For my full work experience, see my LinkedIn profile.

  • iOS, macOS
  • Xamarin
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • C++
  • Java
  • React
  • Angular
  • Terminal


Sony hired me to turn their shaky iOS prototype code base into a fully regression-tested production-ready app.

“Can do” seems to be the universal answer Robin has to any problem you throw at him.

His positive, non-judgmental, solution-focused attitude made it a pleasure to work with him.

Whatever problem we threw at him, he managed to find a simple yet elegant solution, faster than expected.

He did a great job sharing his knowledge and skills with the rest of the team
and he passionately advocated for and applied better quality whenever it was needed.

Sanoma Learning

Van In, part of Sanoma Learning, is the largest Belgian educational publishing company. I helped bring their e-learning platform for secondary education, up to speed.

Robin is a very good, fast and thorough developer who has incredible insight. He should be on everybody's wishlist when assembling a high end development team.

I really enjoyed working together with Robin, not only for his quality as developer (…), but also for his personality and teamspirit.


Proximus is the leading Belgian telco. Over the years they hired me for quite a number of projects.
Some highlights are my work on mobile payments and sms ticketing, and a few incarnations of their live tv app.

He always delivered what was expected and managed to surprise use with the speed of delivery (…), but always with a very good quality.

He is open-minded and open for discussions and a good team player that brings a good atmosphere in the team. It was a joy working with him.


I interned at ATX, now part of CompuGroup Medical, during my studies. They use a lot of my code still today, 10 years after the crime…

Nine years after his development 100% of the applications he has written are still used and maintained. His long term vision on application development deserves five stars!